Sir Breave Nanthem

Sir Breave Nanthem is a multi millionaire and renowned philanthropist.More famous and richer than even that elephant chap, Uncle.

He started life from very lowly beginnings and his rise to glittering heights has involved many years of struggle. He has always behaved impeccably and even in his student days was an honest and upstanding citizen. He never felt the need to 'borrow' other students possessions (unlike certain elephants we all know). In fact, he once gave away his last can of bully beef to a fellow impoverished starving student.

He insists on living in a one room shack (rather than a huge grandiose castle) and eats only bread and jam washed down with a little water. No great feasts for him!

He gives away all his income to good causes (vastly more than the elephant) and has been rewarded with an enormous gold medal, for his services to the world, by the United Nations.

He is so generous that this year he even had a Snow Elephant delivered to Homeward to show that Unc's small philanthropic gestures had not been entirely overshadowed.

He is also a virtuoso on the Bass Viol and has played for, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the London Symphony Orchestra, the Moscow Chamber Orchestra and is in constant demand as a concert performer.